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Commentary from Saturday, June 4, 2016

America's Graduates and Workers Are Depending on Us!

Every year millions of talented young men and women graduate from America’s schools and go out to look for job opportunities. However, in recent years, America’s graduates have not been able to find the number of job opportunities that were available to graduates in the 1980’s when businesses flourished across America. America’s national leaders saw that industries were being lost, but ignored the well-being of American workers and the businesses that employed them and focused on raising taxes and expanding regulations on American based businesses. In effect, America’s national leaders accelerated the loss of industries and the jobs needed for American workers.

The loss of manufacturing in America also means that American workers lost jobs in management, ordering supplies and scheduling production, packaging, sales and service, advertising, as well as research and development of new products, all of which are needed to help bring American made products to the stores where we shop. 30 years ago the jobs mentioned were filled by American workers. These jobs created tens-of-millions of job opportunities for American workers who proudly produced American made products. If only 50% of what is sold in America right now is able to be made in American again, tens-of-millions of jobs would be restored even with all of the modern technology available to businesses.

The Buy American Made Campaign continues to stress the urgency for elected and business leaders, American workers, educators and America’s consumers to work together and take a firm position on restoring industries and jobs in America. I know we all face distractions, but I’m sure we all agree that it’s time to tune out the negative attitudes displayed by many and tune in to positive efforts to restore jobs for American workers, our present and future graduates and stay focused on the well-being of America. We are walking up a steep hill, but if elected leaders, business leaders, American workers, educators and America’s consumers promote our efforts to stay focused on the goal of helping restore industries in America, we will see success happen sooner rather than later.

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