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Commentary from Saturday, June 25, 2022

Time to Look at the Facts Causing Inflation!

Every day the American people are taking a long hard look at what has happened in America as a result growing inflation. Quite frankly, we would all like to STOP the INFLATION CLOCK, and move prices back to where they were at the turn of the decade on January 1, 2020.

Since we can’t stop the clock, and our national elected leaders in Washington aren’t finding solutions, it’s up to all of us, the American people, to apply pressure on politicians and business leaders to take action to relieve the pain of high prices which are destroying America’s well-being.

We are experiencing the highest inflation in America in over 40 years and we should know why. The National News Media offers reports on INFLATION, but they don’t inform the American people how to help end the nightmare of rising costs which began in the United States in January 2021.

Some people claim that the rising costs are due to President Biden’s Executive Order in January 2021 to cut back on drilling for gas and oil in America, including off shore drilling, and stopping the Keystone pipeline that brought gas to America from Alaska and Canada. Some people say it is also a result of foreign supply chain issues, a lingering effect of the COVID epidemic, while others say it’s as a result of big business wanting to make more profit during a time of chaos in the global market place.

In April, 2021, we suggested an “EMERGENCY ENERGY ACT” be passed by the U.S. House and Senate to reopen drilling for energy at the level it was two years ago. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for action. While long term energy independence will rely on solar, wind and other green energy sources, our present needs require the use of gas and oil resources.

For the record: currently, electric vehicles represent one percent of the cars used around the world. While green energy is a goal to work toward, people shouldn’t be punished because they must rely on gas vehicles now.

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