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Commentary from Saturday, June 25, 2016

We Have the Power to Make Change Happen!

Every day people supporting the Buy American Made Campaign are taking a look at what has happened to America’s economy and the American people as a result of jobs being outsourced around the world. There is no question that the American people should have reacted as soon as they saw jobs being moved overseas. Americans should have reacted as a growing number of products sold in America’s stores were being imported from other countries. Americans should have reacted as they saw well-established employers failing to modernize industries in the U.S.A., while ordering products from overseas to stock America’s stores as American workers were unemployed.  But most importantly, businesses preparing to move jobs overseas because of the rising cost of doing business in America should have been questioned by local and national elected officials to see what was needed to end the exodus of businesses and jobs from America.

If business, labor and elected officials had sat down to discuss issues and take positive steps to stop large scale outsourcing there would be much less outsourcing and more businesses still employing American workers today. Instead, millions of jobs have been lostthousands of manufacturing facilities closed, and work-related talents and skills continue to diminish.

To turn our employment situation around, I urge you to buy American made products and support America’s businesses who are helping to support America’s economy and employing America’s workers right now from the point of production to the point of sale. If we all do our part and use our purchasing power wisely, we can turn things around for the better, one purchase at a time.

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