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Commentary from Saturday, June 22, 2013

Leadership Is Lacking!

When we look back at better times in America, our national leaders were more focused on the needs of the American people. For over two hundred years all types of businesses expanded in America and jobs and job skills kept people employed. What happened? Some business investors wanted more profit so they shipped their production centers overseas. Some wanted to avoid the rising cost of labor, taxes, insurance and regulations so they kept their business offices in America, but shipped manufacturing around the world.

Because the loss of jobs and industries remained unaddressed by America’s national leaders, tens-of-millions of Americans are now unemployed, manufacturing facilities are closing, job skills are dwindling and still there are no national elected officials leading the cause for JOBS in the U.S.A. I feel elected leaders should have sat down with private sector business leaders years ago to address the loss of jobs in America and the need to restore at least 50% of every item available for sale in America with made in the U.S.A. labels.

To insure that our message for change in America continues to be heard, speak up where you shop and look for made in the U.S.A. labels. I also encourage you to contact all of your elected officials this week and remind them that their efforts to secure jobs for Americans has nothing to do with any particular political party; but is the right thing to do for the well-being of the American people. Thanks for spreading the word and for supporting American workers!

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