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Commentary from Saturday, June 21, 2014

Support American Workers Every Day!

Every day presents a new opportunity for us to direct our buying power to support American workers. In the last few years store owners have reported that they have been trying to feature a larger selection of American made items, but the supply of American made products from distributors must continue to grow.

Receiving feedback from store owners and supporters has shown me that our efforts are focused on a SINGULAR, COMMON GOAL, “WE NEED MORE JOBS IN AMERICA”. People often say, "20 years ago they never thought so many Americans would be out of work", let alone see the need to restore millions of jobs so people could support themselves. It is especially good for me to hear that store owners are saying America’s consumers are asking one common question "What do your have for sale that is made in America"?

In the last few years business owners have seen that people without jobs are focused on basic life needs and are directing more of their spending power to buy American made. Our effort to support American workers may take a little extra time, but the message regarding more American Made is being heard by business owners and employees alike.

Every day millions of quality people are searching for jobs ranging from manufacturing to management. With your cooperation every day presents additional opportunities to move American made products off store shelves. With your participation we will continue to create more jobs which in the long run will benefit every man, woman and child in our great country. Spread the word and ask your family and friends to support the Buy American Made Campaign.

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