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Commentary from Saturday, June 20, 2009

The most important issues addressed by the Buy American Made Campaign is the need to maintain and create more jobs in the U.S.A.

I’m encouraged by the responses I receive from my commentaries as people let me know that they are speaking up at the stores where they shop and demonstrating their solidarity with the campaign at the cash register. If you consider that without you as a customer, a business will have less business, you can understand why business owners want to hear from their customers. Your efforts may take a little extra time, but the message regarding more American Made Products in the stores where you shop is beginning to be heard by business owners and their employees.

At this point we have millions of quality people in search of jobs ranging from manufacturing to management. However, the relocation of so many American businesses to foreign countries is hampering their efforts to find employment and be able to support themselves and their families. Because of this situation, I urge you to support the Buy American Made Campaign which will strengthen American employment opportunities and permit people to support themselves, their families and the communities where they live.

I know it is no longer easy to find the amount of American made items we did in the past, but in order to bring about some positive changes, we need to speak up!

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