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Commentary from Saturday, June 19, 2021

Reverse the Supply Chain in the United States!

If ever there was an opportunity to reverse the Supply Chain of products sold in the United States and make more in America, it is NOW!

Every business that manufactures and distributes products in the United States appreciates the customers who are purchasing their products. These businesses employ tens-of-millions of American workers, and their products proudly list that they are made in the United States of America.  As we saw during the coronavirus pandemic, operating a business of any size in the United States is difficult and takes a lot of time, investment and commitment to maintain and keep people employed.

For several years our supporters have been urging America’s businesses to expand their product lines and relocate more of their manufacturing in the U.S.A.  Our goal is to have thousands of NEW products made in America available to compete with the imported products that now overwhelm America’s stores. We are not against imported products; we simply want more of a balance of products sold in America’s stores so we have the choice of what we decide to purchase.

Presently, foreign made merchandisers control a large portion of the supply chain of what is sold in America. Many people remember when 90% of the items sold in America’s stores were made in America. Within a 30 year period that supply chain was broken and reversed to the point that up to 90% of many items in our stores today are foreign made.  Help us change this reality by looking for, asking for, and purchasing the items that you need that are made and assembled in the United States proudly displaying the Made in U.S.A label.

Thanks for your participation.

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