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Commentary from Saturday, June 17, 2023

Read Every Label Carefully!

Every business presently manufacturing here in the United States of America appreciates customers purchasing the products they make because every time you support a product with an American Made Label, you not only help them remain in business, you also help them to keep American workers employed.

If you were a business owner employing American workers, I know you would appreciate the patronage of the American people who are deliberately choosing to buy American made products. Your support is especially appreciated because America’s business owners know that you are shopping for American made items, knowing that more plentiful imported products line America’s store shelves.

Because so many major American brand name items are now manufactured abroad, we must be sure to read labels carefully to see exactly where the product is made or assembled before we make a purchase. Today, many companies maintain their headquarters in the United States of America, but their products are totally manufactured overseas, so read every label carefully and help us expand the circulation of products with American made labels.

We have all seen that over the years, tens-of-millions of jobs were lost to industries outside of America. Now the American people want to level the playing field and rebuild manufacturing in America using modern day facilities, which will be able to employ many levels of people from production, management, research and development of new products, shipping, sales and many more.

To keep the Made in America label an ongoing priority, use your purchasing power to support products made in the United States of America so businesses in America can compete with the foreign made products presently overwhelming America’s stores. America’s youth need us and so does every American worker.

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