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Commentary from Saturday, June 15, 2024

Thanks for Promoting Positive Change in America!

If you are among the millions of people supporting the Buy American Made Campaign, we want you to know how much your participation is appreciated.

Today, with INFLATION on everything we purchase, the American people are simply tired of experiencing growing bills and empty wallets and agree it’s time to restore competitive industries and job skills of every type here in the United States.

With more Americans are speaking up where they shop, at organization meetings, on television and radio programs, and in the print media, business owners better understand that their customers can’t make the purchases they did before with the rising cost of INFLATION. Likewise, political leaders better understand the concerns of their constituents who can’t pay their own expenses so how can they be expected to pay more taxes and be part of a positive economy in America?

The Buy American Made Campaign is not just a lot of talk. It is designed to encourage supporters to speak up everywhere they shop and make sure that business owners and purchasing agents see for themselves that there is a growing Wave of Change in America and a growing desire for more products to feature Made in America labels.

Wherever you shop, remember that items with “Made in America labels” clearly identify that Americans are employed from the point of production to the point of sale. When the label identifies an item as foreign made, that means that American workers are mainly with sales, shipping and handling jobs. If businesses can work together to expand their product lines in the United States and restore no less than a 50-50 balance between American and foreign made products, it would be better for all Americans and America’s future.

Thanks for supporting the Buy American Made Campaign. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Email them to:
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