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Commentary from Saturday, June 14, 2014

Be Patriotic in Every Way!

As Americans mark Flag Day on June 14th, it is another opportunity for us to rally behind the Buy American Made Campaign and do all that we can to restore America’s economy and jobs for American workers.

In the process of promoting American made, I see that Your Opinion Matters to a growing number of store owners, But Your Actions and your willingness to spend money in support of American made is really making change happen.

In the last few years, merchandisers who mainly wanted to focus on selling foreign made items are changing their business ideas to include more American made products. Store buyers are seeking out a growing number of American made products because customers are asking for more made in the U.S.A.

I am pleased to report that people are telling me they are no longer shy about speaking up in support of Made in the U.S.A. I want to insure all of our supporters that your spending habits continue to make a very positive impact on store owners that need your business. If you want an expanding level of employment opportunities for yourself, your loved ones and for your neighbors, seek out American made where you shop. If they don’t have the items you’re looking for ask the store personnel for assistance. Ask them if they can order the items you’re seeking that are made in the America. If they can’t help you let them know that you’re shopping around for American made because you want to help your fellow Americans maintain and expand job opportunities. Every person employed understands what it means to be employed, so help us spread the word about the importance of American made where you shop so we can get more people employed.

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