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Commentary from Saturday, June 13, 2009

The recession has startled Americans into recognizing a major bump in the road in our nation’s economic progress. It’s time for us to stop, look, listen and assess what went so wrong over the last few decades and make some positive changes to insure our future.

We now know it’s time to strengthen our ailing manufacturing base and produce more of the items we use on a day-to-day basis, right here in the U.S.A. New technology and more efficient production techniques will enable American businesses to manufacture products more competitively in today's global market.

Many companies admit that they shifted production overseas in search of cheaper labor and greater profits, claiming that U.S. environmental standards and labor costs were the main reasons for abandoning manufacturing in America. Today with modern technology, America has the opportunity to reclaim its long held place in international manufacturing with the theme, what was once made in America, will be made in America again!

Our combined purchasing power can bring about the change we desperately need. Change happens every time you speak up at the cash register and buy American made rather than imported items. The need for change is passed-on to others every time you encourage your family members, friends and neighbors to help move American made items off the shelves and support American workers and America’s economy. Our goal is not to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world; we’re already part of the global economy. Our goal is to expand America’s economy and keep Americans employed.

Don’t be afraid to speak up where you shop. If you want more employment opportunities for your loved ones and your neighbors, you must help the cause by acting now. When you’re making a purchase, check to see where the product was made. Choose American made products, even if they cost a little more. The long term effects of your actions are more important than you realize.

Thanks for spreading the word about this campaign. Keep looking for, asking for and buying American made products and be sure to keep me posted about your efforts.

This is Michael Blichasz, and as always, I appreciate hearing from you. I welcome your comments and suggestions and ask that you spread the word to others. You can email me from my Internet site at: