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Commentary from Saturday, June 12, 2021

America's Graduates Need Us!

During the coronavirus pandemic, America's students went through many difficulties completing their classes and reaching graduation. It is with great pride that we extend CONGRATULATIONS to all of America’s graduates. This year more than four million young men and women are graduating with various degrees from over 5,000 colleges and universities located all over the United States. I know our graduates will all feel better when they are fully employed and able to support themselves.

It was much easier to go from graduation to a job 20 years ago when industries were located in the United States. In recent years many jobs have become less available due to outsourcing jobs and services to foreign countries. In many cases job opportunities needed by today’s graduates left America before our 2021 graduates were born. As we discussed many times, imported items arrive in the United States ready to be stocked and sold to America’s consumers. This leaves American workers without many job opportunities that had been available in the United States in the past.

As we congratulate America’s graduates, a great way to honor them is to promote efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign which urges our fellow Americans to support items made, assembled, serviced and sold in the United States. By purchasing American made, we will bring about more job opportunities in research and development, new production technology, management, manufacturing, sales, advertising and dozens of other jobs that are part of operating a successful business in America. The bottom line is manufacturing and service jobs need to be restored in the United States. America’s graduates and all American workers are depending on American consumers more than ever to speak up for the benefit of American workers now and in the future. As you shop, look for, ask for, and purchase items made in America FIRST. Thanks for your participation.

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