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Commentary from Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Stable Job Base!

A stable job base is necessary to keep quality communities alive. And those jobs cannot be only for people distributing and selling imported products, but must include American workers in every aspect of manufacturing, management, distribution and sales.

The recession has taught us a painful lesson; we need to restore every level of America’s manufacturing base and put our underutilized labor force back to work so we can reclaim America's economy.

In order to address the issue of lasting employment opportunities, American businesses have to address the issue of maintaining and expanding private enterprise in a tax friendly environment where labor costs and getting products to market are affordable. Buying what’s made in the U.S.A. will encourage that process.

When people write to tell me about their own individual experiences, most highlight reasons why their jobs were outsourced. What I hear most often is, “it simply became too expensive to do business in the U.S.A., so the company where I worked downsized or moved abroad.” Others note that they saw that labor costs, environmental regulations and taxation forced companies to outsource manufacturing to keep their products on the market. Others report they are disappointed that business and government officials and American’s workforce did not unite a long time ago to stop jobs from moving overseas.

Because the outsourcing issue went unaddressed for so many years, every level of America's workers from the 2 or 3 person businesses to those employing hundreds or thousands of people are now hurting. In the past when a recession was winding down, there were many companies able to hire back people. Today those jobs are largely located overseas and we have to work together to reverse this situation. One important way you can make a difference is by looking at labels before you make a purchase and by speaking up in support of American workers.

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