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Michael Blichasz
American Workers' Advocate
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1540 AM Radio WNWR • Philadelphia, PA
Commentary from Saturday, May 7, 2011

Manufacturing, Distribution, & Sales!

The more I hear from people, the better I understand just how much people want to see America's economy turned around. People want us to return to a time of prosperity and address the issue of lasting employment opportunities through increased manufacturing, distribution, and sales of American made products.

It is well noted in the news media that of every dollar spent on U.S. government services and programs, 41 cents of every dollar is now borrowed from foreign countries. I do not understand why it has reached this point and I do not remember voting for a national referendum requesting America's leaders to borrow money from other counties so we can pay our bills. In order for us to take charge of America's economy, the American people must be the leading force through what we decide to purchase or consciously decide not to purchase. Our message to businesses must be that the American people want a larger portion of what's available in stores to have a MADE in the U.S.A. label or we shop where those selections are or will become available to us. The days of being customers of products made overseas while America's industries suffer must come to an end.

The long-term goal of the American people must be to produce quality and competitive products that can be sold side-by-side on store shelves with imported products from around the world. Our most important goal is to expand every level of employment, prepare workers with job skills using the latest technology, and expand industrial arts programs in schools across the U.S.A. so American jobs and talents will always flourish. 

It is good to hear about more radio, newspaper, and television reports promoting the Buy American Made Campaign. They have added to the momentum and desire for change. I urge you to help keep that momentum going so we can enter a new industrial revolution in the U.S.A.

We have a lot of work to do, so let's get on the road to recovery.  Sometimes change is difficult and it takes time and sacrifice, but it must happen for the well-being of Americans now and for future generations.

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