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Commentary from Saturday, May 5, 2018

Americans are Benefiting More!

We have been hearing better news about employment opportunities in America and it’s good to see our efforts have been helping make good things happen. In recent months, 14 states reported they have experienced historic low unemployment rates and others are experiencing growing job opportunities in long term sustaining jobs. That’s because more Americans are united behind efforts to restore jobs in our great nation and more people are spending their dollars in support of products made and assembled by American Workers.

In recent months, the following facts have been widely discussed in the media:

1. During 2017 there has been a very high growth rate in Private Sector Businesses in states and cities all over the United States. Some major progress is a result of more businesses remaining in America or opening in America to take advantage of lower business taxes and less business regulations.
2. Private Sector businesses have been spending a lot of money expanding or starting up new product lines in the United States to meet the demands of America’s consumers.
3. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that each month over ten thousand brand new manufacturing jobs have been created in addition to the openings as a result of of people retiring. This is great news because more manufacturing creates additional jobs for people ordering supplies, in management, sales, delivery and service and many others.
4. There has been major growth in internet purchases. This is a growing way for people to purchase what they need and have it delivered to them. Our focus is to have no less than 50% of what is being shipped or sold in stores with label listing the items as made or assembled in America.

The news has been much better for jobs seekers. However, there are growing reports from employers that not enough skilled workers are available to replace the people retiring and for the new jobs being created throughout America.

Americans are benefiting more and with your help that will continue. Thanks for spreading the word to others.

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