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Commentary from Saturday, May 4, 2024

America's Consumers are the Best Messengers!

For many years “American Workers Need You” has promoted the need for more skilled workers throughout the United States of America.  It is great to hear in the national news media that America's high school and college students are more focused on TRADE Programs and highly-skilled technical jobs that will provide them with job skills that will last them a life-time.  With the changes in the labor market, students are graduating college and are facing unpredictable or limited job opportunities and higher student debt. Younger Americans see there is a large demand for high-skilled workers, which will get them a positive return from attending schools that offer trade and technology programs.

It is also good to hear reports that large numbers of young Americans are focused on the job skills badly needed in the United States. In addition, America is experiencing the impact of INFLATION and found that employment opportunities in the trades pay well. They also see that America's consumers are focused more on spending their dollars on what is made in the United States, which keeps Americans employed.

From the responses we receive, Americans never thought they would see our country reach the point where such a sizeable percentage of products sold in America are foreign made. Now that we experienced the aftermath of many years of allowing America’s industries and jobs to be outsourced around the world, we have the chance of a lifetime to rebuild America’s industries with the latest technology and keep American workers on the job.

Our efforts are bipartisan and nonsectarian, and our goals have never changed: Buy American, Support American Workers, Support American Businesses and welcome more people to get involved so we can reach the present goal of a 50/50 balance between American made and foreign made where we shop.  Thanks for your participation!

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