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Commentary from Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Report Card For Our Leaders

If we were to give a Report Card to our national elected leaders on their efforts to represent "We, The American People," how would we rate them?

Based on the responses from the Buy American Made Campaign and American Workers Radio supporters, it is clear that the American people are doing a better job supporting the cause of American workers than our national leaders who were elected and are being PAID to work for our best interests.

Every day people are going out of our way to promote American workers and the need to expand America's industries. We are doing our part in local communities, but what are our NATIONAL ELECTED LEADERS doing to champion the cause of MORE JOBS for Americans. The more important question is, if you were asked RIGHT NOW to identify national elected leaders who are leading the cause for jobs for Americans, who would you identify, and where are their accomplishments reported?

Based on our observations, government officials are NOT focused on helping private sector businesses flourish in America. This is evident by the loss of industries in the U.S.A. during the last 30 years and is a poor reflection on the elected and appointed officials PAID to promote America FIRST. If our national leaders were doing their jobs, fewer Americans would be unemployed and no industry would be able to state "we can't find skilled American workers".

Once again, I ask that you contact your elected officials and let them know the American people want jobs and want tax incentives provided to businesses so they will expand in the U.S.A. When you contact your elected officials let them know we don't need more government programs to hide the fact that industries left America, we need JOBS so Americans can support themselves. When you contact your elected officials also know that if they can't do their job, it is time for them to be unemployed.

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