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Commentary from Saturday, May 30, 2015

There Has Been No Break In Our Campaign!

Back in the Spring and Summer of 2010, I was pleased to report that we generated the support of millions of Americans who were going out of their way to promote the Buy American Made Campaign.

Five years ago, I outlined how I made it a point to shop for American Made Products at both local and major retail stores where I saw that imported products far outnumbered those being made in the U.S.A. Today, as I go shopping, I see some improvements and I continue to speak with managers and sales personnel so they know their customers want a
larger selection of items made in America.

After years of watching business owners manufacture products abroad, doing business in America has been changing. Today America’s consumers have experienced unemployment and a shrinking purchasing power. Today, business owners are finding themselves with more inventory and less sales mainly because Americans without jobs are limited to what they can buy no matter where the products are made. Additionally, Americans see that the service-oriented jobs of the past are not in demand as they were before so it’s important to get back to manufacturing at least one competitive American made product for every foreign made product sold in America.

We have made some major progress in promoting manufacturing in the U.S.A., but in the process we came to realize that knocking down is easier than building up and that the challenge to restore a 50/50 balance between what is manufactured and sold in America is a slow but very important mission. Help support of efforts by purchasing more items made, assembled, serviced and sold in America so that our businesses remain stable and have reasons to grow.

There Has Been No Break In Our Campaign to restore JOBS and JOB skills, and with your help we will continue to make more positive changes come about.

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