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Commentary from Saturday, May 2, 2015

Thriving Businesses Employ Workers!

Every week you are asked to direct more of your dollars to support American Made products and services provided by American workers. The American people continue to make positive things happen in the way business is done in America every time they question store personnel as to why they don’t have a larger selection of American made products are available. Store personnel respond that if more American made products were available, we would sell them at our store. The fact that customers are receiving this response means our requests are leaving a lasting impression on business owners and investors who see that customers are dissatisfied and willing to shop around.

A major reason for America’s problems has been the loss of too many industries outsourcing jobs around the world and America’s schools not graduating students with the skills needed by businesses in America.

A brief review of the employment situation outline that:

In the year 2000, America had a population of 281 million people and 134 million Americans had jobs.

In the year 2014, America’s population was 320 million people and 148 million Americans are employed.

In the last 14 years America’s population rose by 40 million people, but only 14 million job opportunities were created.

At this point America needs tens-of-millions of new jobs so that America’s working age and able body people can have at least one job opportunity to support themselves.

The statistic I am quoting comes directly from the United States Census report and United States Department of Labor report, which are listed on the U.S. Debt Clock located on the front page of Help us spread the word about the Buy American Made Campaign and spend more of your dollars on products and services offered by American workers and the businesses that employ them. Thanks for your help!

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