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Commentary from Saturday, May 29, 2021

America's Consumers Create the Demand!

As we approach the beginning of another month, I once again urge you to support our National Small Business Weekend effort and shop at your local businesses throughout the year and especially during the First Weekend of every month so they can keep people employed and allow them to remain a vibrant part of your local economy. We all see the difficulties the coronavirus pandemic has caused to Americans and America’s economy, so we welcome the return to normalcy now taking place across the United States.

The National Small Business Weekend effort helps bring attention to the fact that local businesses are in tough competition with much larger stores that can buy in large quantities and receive a quantity discount from their suppliers. As you shop at your local stores, you also have the opportunity to let store owners and store managers know that you are a supporter of the Buy American Made Campaign, and as a customer, you are asking them to seek out more American made products from their suppliers.

We all know that our requests for American made items at major retail stores will be given the traditional answer, "I'm only here to sell what the store has to offer". However, at your local stores you are mainly speaking to people who own or manage the store and have a personal stake in honoring the requests of customers. For more information about National Small Business Weekend. visit:

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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