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Commentary from Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Time To Promote Made in America!

With the graduation season and the Memorial Day Commemoration upon us, I urge you to promote the Buy American Made Campaign to your family and friends.

This past week I went shopping at a major retail store. As I browsed through the aisles, it was plain to see that imported products far outnumber those being made here in the U.S.A. I did speak with some of the sales people regarding the low number of American made products for sale and they told me that they have been hearing concerns from many customers.

It is plain to see that while business owners continued to shop abroad for cheaper products to improve their bottom line, they did not anticipate the future reaction of American consumers as they experienced rising unemployment and shrinking purchasing power. Business owners did not consider that Americans will need jobs in order to purchase what is offered at their stores and without purchasing power, people are limited as to what they can buy.

At this point we see that the service-oriented jobs are still out there, but to employ large numbers of people, we need to get back in the business of manufacturing every imaginable product which in the long-run will bring about a growing number of other jobs in every sector of America’s economy.

As I looked at what was for sale in the store, I realized it will be a challenge to restore a balance between imported and American made products, but our future depends on it!

If you’re concerned about America’s economy and its workers, be sure what you purchase represents a mixture of both American made and imported products. Look at the tags to see where products are made and do your best to support those proudly made in America and always make it known to sales people and store management that you are seeking out American made products.

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