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Commentary from Saturday, May 27, 2017

Nothing is Impossible!

Every person promoting the Buy American Made Campaign understands that Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in America if we work together to make it happen! This is certainly the case as America’s consumers seek out American made products and services. Our campaign is not just talking about change; we have been offering positive ideas to help bring about actual change. Consider the positive efforts of our campaign:

1. We have been urging people to seek out the products they need with Made in America labels, which helps circulate products made and assembled by American workers and keeps those workers employed resupplying the items being purchased.
2. We have been urging our supporters to support local private sector businesses which employ more than half of the American people working in communities throughout the United States of America.
3. We have been asking our fellow-Americans to support the Buy American Made Campaign and its goal of expanding jobs in America, which in turn benefits all Americans.
4. In addition to our efforts to unite people, the Buy American Made Campaign, also promotes efforts like: National Small Business Weekend, which takes place on the FIRST Weekend of every month, American Made Month during November; Promoting the American Made Label to help America’s industries and, which discusses ways to unite Americans and support America’s economy.

It would be good if national, state and local leaders would follow our example so that we can have more individuals helping us reach the goal of 50% of everything sold in America with a made in America label. 25 years ago, most of what was sold in America was made in America. How did we allow our jobs and future to be derailed?

After years of watching jobs and job skills escorted out of America by well spoken foreign business leaders and merchandisers, the American people now want well spoken business leaders to promote the American made label and the quality products made by American workers.

With your participation, we continue to make positive steps forward, but we need everyone’s help to get more people involved in supporting the Buy American Made Campaign. With your help NOTHING is Impossible! Thanks for spreading the word.  America needs us!

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