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Commentary from Saturday, May 26, 2018

America's Graduates and Workers Need Us!

During the 2018 graduation season more than 3.5 million young men and women are graduating with various degrees from over 4,000 American colleges and universities. America’s graduates are depending on our spending practices so that everyone seeking a job can have the opportunity to use their skills to earn a living and add to the well-being of America.

Simply by looking at labels we can all see that many jobs from research and development to production have been outsourced to countries all over the world. Today, imported items arrive in the United States ready to be stocked and sold in America’s stores without providing Americans with manufacturing jobs and all others needed to get products to the places where we shop.

Everyone involved with the Buy American Made Campaign is pleased to see that more businesses are listing on their labels and packaging that their products are Made in America. In order to get more American made products in circulation we need to have more main street manufacturing jobs restored and operating on United States soil.

As I’m out shopping, I see a lot more labels listing Made in America or Made in U.S.A., which means more Americans are employed from the point of production to the point of sale. Together we have been working hard to encourage business owners and investors to reinvest in America, where skilled workers will help them make operating a business a good investment. As this continues it will help our college graduates and all American workers.

For several years I have been encouraging everyone to support local businesses throughout the year and go out of your way to shop local during National Small Business Weekend, always the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. Help us spread the word about this effort by sharing our Internet site with your local businesses and friends:

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