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Michael Blichasz
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Commentary from Saturday, May 26, 2012

American People Create Supply and Demand!

As we approach the beginning of another month, I once again urge you to support our National Small Business Weekend effort and shop at your local businesses so they can keep people employed and remain a vibrant part of your local community and local economy.

In the last few months, a growing number of businesses have been promoting National Small Business Weekend. This effort has helped bring attention to the fact that local businesses are in tough competition with much larger stores that can buy in large quantities and receive a quantity discount from their suppliers. As you shop at your local stores you also have the opportunity to let store owners and store managers know that you are a supporter of the Buy American Made Campaign, and as a customer you are asking them to seek out more American made products from their suppliers.

I am sure you understand that your requests for American made items at major retail stores will be given the traditional answer, "I'm only here to sell what the store has to offer". However, at your local stores you are mainly speaking to people who own or manage the store and have a personal stake in honoring the requests of customers.

As you see for yourself, America’s leaders did very little to stop established industries and jobs from leaving America for many years and now our industries and local businesses are struggling because of a poor economy and high taxes. However, we the American people can make major changes happen as to what is being sold or not sold in our stores simply by directing our purchasing power to items with a made in America label and reconsider purchasing items that do NOT a competitive American made in the store for us to choose from. Supply and demand is created by America's consumers shopping around and making sure local stores know how strongly their customers feel about the Buy American Made Campaign.

During the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month, I urge you to go out of your way to support your local businesses and invite your local stores to visit our Internet site at:, where there is an easy access promotional poster that can be printed out and displayed in their stores.

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