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Commentary from Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Positive Effort Leads To Another!

As we continue our efforts to network with our family, friends and neighbors and invite others to support the Buy American Made Campaign, we see that "One Positive Effort Leads To Another".

During the last few years we asked our supporters to look closely at labels to see if there are competitive American made items for them to choose from. Today, tens-of-millions of people are looking at labels and making a conscious decision about what to buy. We asked people to speak up where they shop regarding too many foreign made items and too few American made items, and the response has business owners and merchandisers acknowledging that America's consumers are willing to shop around for American made or hold off on some of their purchases. We asked people to spend more of the purchasing power in support of products made or assembled in America and people have responded in many positive ways. We asked the national and local news media and community organizations to promote the Buy American Made Campaign and responses continue to grow.

Our grass-roots campaign to get people to stop, look, listen, choose and purchase as many American made products as possible demonstrates that One Positive Effort Leads To Another. There are 535 national elected leaders representing us in the United States House and Senate, as well as the President and Vice President. I feel that our national elected leaders should be focusing more of their time working with private sector businesses to create jobs so Americans can earn a living and be part of the American dream.

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