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Commentary from Saturday, May 24, 2014

Over 42 Million Jobs Needed!

For several years we discussed the reasons why industries left America and focused on ways to expand job opportunities in the U.S.A. We can clearly see that because America's national leaders' failed to address rising taxes and regulations on businesses, and with the cost doing business in America rising, thousands of businesses left America's shores and now millions of Americans have fewer job opportunities regardless of their past or present job skills.

As I look at America's Census information, as of today, America has a population of over 318 million people. 145 million of our fellow Americans are employed. However, in order for America to be a reasonably successful economy, we need at least 187 million full and part time jobs for our working age and able-bodied people. This means AMERICA needs more than 42 million job opportunities for its people right now.

In discussing the efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign, I find that many Americans took ongoing job opportunities for granted. People thought new jobs would be available to replace those lost to outsourcing and the good old days would last forever. Well, the prolonged recession has changed that line of thinking and now with the help of tens-of-millions of Americans looking at labels and seeking out items made and assembled in America, more jobs are being created.

To insure the success of America’s businesses I encourage you to seek out American made labels and spend more of your dollars on American made products. After 30 years of job losses, it's going to take focus and consistency to recoup the jobs Americans need, but with a growing number of Buy American Made supporters we can succeed.

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