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Commentary from Saturday, May 23, 2015

America's Graduates Are Depending On Us!

During 2015, more than one million eight hundred thousand young men and women are graduating with various degrees from over 3,100 of America’s colleges and universities. A brief look at how our graduates made out last year reveals that 25% are employed at jobs related to their college degrees, 45% are employed at jobs that do not require a college degree, and 25% are employed at low wage or part time jobs. Many graduates in recent years reported that the jobs they have do not pay enough for them to begin repaying their student loans. I know that we will all feel better when job opportunities for graduates will be available as they were 15 years ago when more businesses were operating in the U.S.A. and more graduates had job opportunities upon graduation.

What has changed in America? In recent years, many jobs from research and development to production have been outsourced to countries all over the world. Today, imported items arrive in the U.S.A. ready to be stocked and sold in America’s stores leaving many levels of skilled Americans out of job opportunities. In conjunction with the mission of the Buy American Made Campaign, we urge America’s consumers to support items made, assembled, serviced and sold in the U.S.A., so that we can reverse this trend. By purchasing American made, we will bring about more job opportunities in research and development, new production technology, management, manufacturing, sales, advertising and dozens of other jobs that are part of operating a successful business in America.

During recent broadcasts of American Workers Radio, we discussed how America is participating in a growing number of INTERNATIONAL Trade Agreements. However, we also discussed that for America to be a successful part of any trade agreement there needs to be a GROWING NUMBER of AMERICAN MADE products, both large and small, available to sell on the INTERNATIONAL MARKET. Otherwise, present and future trade agreements will simply help expand the market for foreign made items to be sold in America. With the help of our supporters, we have been encouraging business owners and investors to reinvest in America, where skilled workers will help them make operating a business a good investment. American workers are depending on American consumers more than ever, so look for, ask for, and purchase items made in America FIRST.

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