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Commentary from Saturday, May 21, 2022

Read EVERY Label Carefully!

Every business manufacturing in the United States of America appreciates customers purchasing the products they make because every time you support a product Made in America, you help them remain in business and help keep American workers employed.

During these changing times, as prices rise and we experience supply chain issues from foreign countries, we all see that it is our time to reward the businesses manufacturing and employing people in the United States of America. If you were a business owner employing American workers, you would appreciate the support of the American people going out of their way to choose American made products, knowing that more plentiful and often less expensive imported products are available where you shop.

In more recent years, many major American brand name items are now manufactured outside of America. Be sure to read labels carefully to see exactly where the products are made or assembled before making a purchase. Today, many companies maintain their headquarters in the United States of America, but their products are totally manufactured overseas.

Now that the American people saw what happened during the pandemic, they want to level the playing field and rebuild manufacturing in United States. A new focus on making things in America again will provide more levels of employment from production, management, research and development of new products, shipping and sales to the places where we shop.

Help us Keep the Made in America label an ongoing priority by using your purchasing power to support products made and assembled in the United States of America, so we can have more opportunities to rebuild America’s workforce and the well-being of America.

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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