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Commentary from Saturday, May 1, 2021

America Needs More Trade Schools!

Over the years we have been urging parents, school boards and political leaders in America to promote a good education for all students and to expand the Trades and Industrial Arts Programs in America’s schools.

30 years ago, there were a large number of middle schools and high schools offering reading, writing, math, history, as well as a variety of TRADE classes like: Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning, Mechanics, Carpentry, Automotive, as well as Industrial Arts classes like: Engineering, Drafting, Clothing Design and Manufacturing, Welding, and dozens of others that reflect the skills needed by America’s businesses.

Closing down so many of the trade programs over the years has hurt America’s students and added to the skilled workers shortage we are experiencing now.

Additionally, every year there is a critical need to replace the skilled workers who are retiring.  If America does not have enough young workers to fill jobs, businesses will continue to have reasons to outsource manufacturing around the world and downsize their domestic operations in the United States. We can’t allow this to continue, so It’s up to all of us “America’s Taxpayers” to demand the expansion of the Trades and Industrial Arts Programs in every school possible so our tax dollars create a future for Americans who need job opportunities to support themselves.

Whatever trade programs are operational right now, let’s work toward having that amount doubled by the year 2024.

When you make your calls, ask them for a written reply by email or in the mail for your records. I welcome you to share your responses with me so I can share them with our supporters. Thanks for your participation.

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