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Commentary from Saturday, May 19, 2018

Our Efforts Are Uniting Americans!

With the growing support of businesses, community groups, the media, elected officials and most of all, the tens-of-millions of Americans now promoting the need to restore jobs and job skills in the United States, we are witnessing major changes in America. For many years, the goals presented by the Buy American Made Campaign were being promoted by a growing number of people because they did not ask for anything unreasonable. They simply asked our fellow-Americans to focus on more jobs in the United States and the bread and butter issues that face all Americans. In the process of promoting POSITIVE IDEAS, we have been asking people to support the American Made Label because the American made label represents the businesses employing many levels of American workers which will change the future of America and get more people back to work.

Every year there are large numbers of items invented to help make life better for people. There is no longer any reason for the items invented in America to be largely made around the world. There is also no reason for businesses in America not to develop and manufacture products to compete with those presently being made in other countries. With more people willing to speak up to school boards and elected officials, there is more focus on restoring the trades, industrial arts and research & development programs in our schools, which will provide more job opportunities for new high school and college graduates.

In order to see documents, facts and figures about the issues we discuss, I encourage you to view the U.S. Debt Clock which is linked on the front page of These are facts and figures presented by the United States Government. Take a close look at all the U.S. DEBT Clock links and welcome your family and friends to check it out for themselves. We are on the road to success, but we need every American helping to insure that positive change continues and more jobs are created in the United States of America.

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