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Commentary from Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tariffs Should Be Equal!

We all have suggestions on ways to improve America’s economy and create more employment opportunities. Today, I am suggesting that you speak up during the election season. It is very important for you to voice your opinion to everyone seeking your vote. As political candidates approach you for your vote, let them know that you want them to address the imbalance between imported and exported products and ask them how they are helping American businesses restore employment opportunities here in the U.S.A.

Presently the tariffs on foreign made items imported to the U.S.A. are low, while tariffs on American made products exported around the world are high. If the tariffs on imports and exports were equal, as they should be, it would permit American made items to be more competitive in the world marketplace. Creating and maintaining jobs must be a combined effort of federal, state and local elected officials in order to keep America moving forward. Every time you voice your concerns to the individuals seeking your vote, you are helping make it known that Americans want positive changes regarding the job situation in the U.S.A. Listen carefully to the responses you receive, because what is being discussed now will guide those seeking your vote on important issues in the future. Tax incentives for local companies, equal tariffs and other safeguards are needed to help restore competitiveness for American made products.

Speaking up for America’s economy and American workers continues to get the attention of business owners, investors and elected officials. Keep up the good work and we will see more items in U.S. stores with made in America labels.

I also encourage you to visit and view the many new and interesting links helping to spread the word about the Buy American Made Campaign.

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