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Commentary from Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Stable Job is the Key to Success!

A stable job for working age and able-body Americans has always been the key to America’s success.  For more than two centuries America was a nation that made almost everything needed by its people. America’s businesses also traded with nations of the world which created more jobs and job skills for American workers.

What happened?

Well, America’s private sector businesses were welcomed by foreign nations and merchandisers to move out of the United States to reduce operational expenses, labor costs and tax obligations. America’s businesses were shown how much easier and more profitable it would be to allow workers in another part of the world to do the work and have then ship the already made products back to America to be sold to America’s consumers. When this began to happen over 30 years ago, there was little reaction from the American people because they did not realize how much the loss of jobs and they need to be their customers, but America’s overall economy. We can’t allow this to continue.

How can we help reverse what has happened?

1. Make every effort possible to seek out products Made in the United States of America so the businesses producing American made products find it beneficial to do business in America as they keep Americans employed.
2. Contact your national, state and local elected leaders and school boards to urge them to expand technology and trade programs in all of America’s schools. At this point there are more people retiring every day than people entering the workforce, so there is an urgent need for graduates ready and able to enter America’s workforce.
3. Most important is your participation and your example as you support the products made and the services provided by America’s businesses and American workers.

Remember, every time you spend your money in support of American based businesses you are helping Americans keep their jobs which is the real key to success for America, its people and its future. Thanks for your participation and for your suggestions. You can contact me at:

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