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Commentary from Saturday, April 7, 2018

We Continue to Lead the Way!

As supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign can see for themselves, after years of remaining focused on ways to support America and American workers, positive changes continue to happen. It is good to see people motivated to promote efforts to expand and restore jobs for their family, friends and neighbors. It’s great to see people supporting America’s businesses promoting the Made in U.S.A. Label, knowing that their purchases are helping American workers and bring about a better economy in America.

A lot of the good that has happened is the result of individuals, organizations, newspaper reporters, radio and television broadcasters, Internet sites and businesses owners who are promoting the Buy American Made Campaign. With your participation our grassroots campaign to support American workers has touched tens-of-millions of Americans and the results have been very good.

As we continue our efforts, remember that America's WORKERS and CONSUMERS are the same people, so the more we support American made the more Americans will benefit in the long-run. As you are out shopping, look at every label to see if your purchase is benefiting many levels of American workers or mainly the sales related jobs selling foreign made products.

Our goal is simple, yet very effective: support the American made label and America’s private sector businesses who are employing all levels of American workers so we can all benefit from more jobs and a better economy.

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