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Commentary from Saturday, April 5, 2014

Engineers, Realtors & Investors!

As we promote 2014 as the Year of American Made, it is an excellent time for America's Engineers, Realtors and Investors to unite and rebuild America's industries. It is an opportunity to support American workers and see empty buildings be restored as private sector businesses that would provide jobs for working-age and able-bodied people.

I ask that you join our efforts to encourage America's engineers, employed and unemployed, to document their plans to expand industries and encourage Realtors to showcase the properties they have available that could be used to manufacture, promote and sell products made in America.

As we promote investment in America it is an excellent time to focus on the restoration of the clothing industry because there is always a demand for clothing. In addition to clothing for the four seasons of the year there is sports wear, school wear and hundreds of items that should be made in America again. The loss of Millions of JOBS and job skills over the years in every sector should have been addressed by America's national leaders who are paid to look out for the well-being of the American people. Since they have not done their part, your participation is extremely important.

Spread the word about the positive efforts of the Buy American Made Campaign so that Engineers, Realtors, Investors and more Americans join our efforts to help restore industries and tens-of-millions of jobs for Americans.

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