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Michael Blichasz

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Commentary from Saturday, April 4, 2009

The response to my radio commentaries in Support of American Workers and the companies that employ them has been impressive. I find that the Heart and Soul of America is alive and well and it’s getting even better as Americans stick together and go out of their way to support one another.

People want to have a job to support themselves and their families, and they want to see employment opportunities expanded and returned to the United States of America. In order for more employment opportunities to become available, we all have to support the businesses, both large and small, who remain America’s largest employers.

The role of private business has always been to produce products people need, employ people to produce those products, expand their manufacturing capabilities to meet demand, and make a profit to pay expenses and taxes.

A few people suggested to me that government should be expanding its role in creating jobs. Well, it’s not really government’s role to become a major employer, but we can encourage government officials to help businesses grow by offering them reasonable tax rates and other incentives to keep jobs in America. However, the most important part of this campaign is your response of creating demand for American-made products and reducing demand for imported products. The power to make these changes possible is really in your hands, so this week help create demand by purchasing American-made products yourself and by encouraging your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.

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