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Commentary from Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Economy Flooded With Foreign-Made Products!

It is very evident that much of America’s economy is based on purchasing foreign-made products. I’m sure we agree that we can no longer remain an economy dependent on buying imports without manufacturing a reasonable share of the products we use on a regular basis. At this point we are helping employ millions of workers in other countries who are manufacturing items that had traditionally been produced in America. Outsourcing jobs around the world has left millions of Americans unemployed in every sector of America’s manufacturing base and has caused great stress on America’s economy.

The recession has made it clear that we can no longer continue on this road and must stay united for the cause of American workers. I urge you to spend your dollars on products made in America for the well-being of today’s workers and the well-being of our children and that of future generations. The fact that over 90% of clothing, furniture, televisions, stoves, shoes, electronics, tools, refrigerators and hundreds of other items are now mainly imported to the U.S.A. instead of being made in America is distressing. This imbalance has hurt American workers and our economy. If we want to recover from our present crisis, we have to use our purchasing power wisely and become very selective in what we purchase so that American made inventory can move off store shelves and be replaced by more products made by American manufacturers.

People don’t realize that expanding manufacturing in America will enable our workers to support themselves, pay taxes, and expand America’s economy. With over one out of every ten American workers now unemployed, supporting the Buy American Made Campaign is the patriotic thing to do. Spread the word and speak up for American made everywhere you shop. Be very careful to look at brand name products because many are now being produced abroad and most of all spend your dollars wisely in support of American workers.

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