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Commentary from Saturday, April 30, 2022

Turning the Supply Chain Upside Down!

More and more Americans are recognizing the urgency for all National Elected Officials from the PRESIDENT to state and local officials to get totally focused on the needs and concerns of the American people.

Americans are being hit with INFLATION so they are looking very closely at what they purchase. Unfortunately, a large number of the products available from clothing to household needs are now FOREIGN MADE. We continue to hear reports about future disruptions in the GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN from foreign countries. However, there would be NO Global Supply Chain DISRUPTIONS for America’s consumers if those products were made in the United States of America.

We need America’s businesses to know that America’s customers are seeking out American made products so they will be encouraged to expand and restore manufacturing in the United States. Getting things back to normal will require the commitment of all ELECTED OFFICIALS, the National Media and America’s Consumers.

America’s national leaders should NEVER have allowed so many of America’s businesses to be relocated overseas without urging other American businesses to offer COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS to replace those moving out of America. In fact, they should have always offered businesses tax incentives to remain and expand in the United States for the well-being of America.

Our theme of NO LESS than a 50/50 Balance of everything sold in America being made in America would solve a lot of our problems. Don’t bypass an opportunity to support American made and businesses that offer American Made Products so that we can get America moving forward again.

Thanks for promoting our efforts. It’s time to turn the supply chain upside down. With your help we will do it.

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