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Commentary from Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prolonged Recession Has Hurt America!

The prolonged recession and job outsourcing by U.S. businesses and the lack of new jobs created by America’s industries has caused many Americans to live on unemployment compensation, their savings or depend on family to financially assist them. Unfortunately, this is a far cry from the American dream and clear evidence that our national leaders were not looking out for the well-being of Americans FIRST.

At this point in our history there is no doubt that without the creation of new jobs, especially in manufacturing, job opportunities for Americans will remain flat. National political leaders are now talking about the urgency of new jobs, but fail to provide a clear and concrete plan to create jobs that will best improve America's overall economy. Their focus must be on creating a new business environment including a major expansion in manufacturing as well as green technology and service oriented jobs.

Because America can no longer be a sales point for foreign made goods while American jobs and skills continue to be lost, I suggest our national leaders, both elected and business, work toward restoring a business climate in the U.S.A. and make these suggestions a reality:

1. Reduce high U.S. corporate taxes that encourage companies to move abroad.

2. Close tax loopholes for American companies manufacturing outside the U.S.A.

3. Conduct a total review of tariffs on all imported products.

Just these few changes would help level the playing field for American businesses truly operating in the U.S.A. and adding to the well-being of America's workers and economy.

As you go shopping, remember, in order to keep Americans employed, we need to support products made in the U.S.A. FIRST. Change is happening, so speak up and use your purchasing power in support of American made.

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