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Commentary from Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stop, Look, Listen and Spend Accordingly!

There continues to be a growing enthusiasm with the American people to promote JOBS and JOB skills in the United States of America. As Americans use more of their purchasing power to the Support the American Made Label, we have more opportunities to return to being a nation of multi-skilled workers capable of producing competitive and high quality products most often purchased by the American people including clothing, electronics, toys and hundreds of others.

As we continue our efforts, you are encouraged to Stop, Look and Listen to what is happening around you as you’re out shopping. Stop and Look at every label, and Listen closely to the responses of store personnel as you ask them if they have a competitive American made item available in the items you are looking to purchase.  We all know that America is a part of a growing global economy, but we must continue to insist that an equal number of competitive American made products are available in every product category.

In order to create even more enthusiasm, encourage your family, friends and neighbors to support our campaign and let them know which American made products you have purchased lately. You should also let them know the names and addresses of the stores that have a reasonable selection of American made products. It is important for everyone to speak up where they shop because businesses selling predominantly foreign made products must see that America’s consumers are walking out the door without a purchase because they don't see enough American made products being offered.

Our grass-roots campaign has made a major impact on the way business is being done in America. Our campaign has the potential to get tens-of-millions of Americans back to work. However, it all depends on how the American people choose to spend their hard-earned dollars and what items consumers are helping move off store shelves. Thanks for your participation and for spreading the word.

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