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Commentary from Saturday, April 28, 2018

Compliments to Our Supporters!

It is always good to pause and look back to where we have been and to look forward to build upon the good that we have accomplished. After many years of urging Americans to support America’s businesses that keep people employed from the point of production to the point of sale, we are seeing positive results as more consumers are looking to support American made first. If I were giving a report card to the supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign, I would rate our efforts with an A+. Here are a few reasons why:

For more than 10 years we have united tens-of-millions of Americans to help address the loss of industries and jobs in America. Today, people are looking at labels and realize how many foreign made products dominate America’s stores and they want to help reverse this reality.
Our supporters now agree that Americans were not reacting strongly enough to stop jobs from moving overseas. Now we see that foreign countries were pro-active and focused on building new industries in their countries and attracting America’s long established businesses to manufacture their products overseas, then ship the products back to the United States for sale in America’s stores.
Our supporters see the aftermath of outsourcing jobs around the world and want businesses, organizations, the media, school boards, teachers and elected officials to unite behind efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign, promoting jobs and job skills for working age and able-bodied Americans.
With more Americans speaking up where they shop in support of American made and directing more of their dollars to support Made in America labels, more of our money is being circulated for American made products.
Americans are also urging America’s school boards and teachers to graduate students ready to fill millions of jobs in the United States of America. Americans also want Engineers, Inventors, Realtors and Business Investors to focus on rebuilding America's industries which is the real key to our success.

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