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Michael Blichasz
American Workers' Advocate
Host of the Saturday Variety Program at 11 A.M.
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Commentary from Saturday, April 28, 2012

National Small Business Weekend
Another Opportunity to Promote American Workers

As more and more concerned Americans help to spread the word about restoring America's economy, I urge you to continue to help us promote "National Small Business Weekend" on the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month. As you go shopping, let your local store owners know that you are supporting this effort and invite them to view more information and also print out a Promotional Poster from the front page of:

Locally-owned private sector businesses employ more than 60 million American workers, and 70% of every dollar you spend at local businesses is recirculated within your local economy. Our stores are still largely filled with foreign made products, but by voicing your concerns to local business owners and urging them to feature more American made items, you are letting them know that you're a supporter of the Buy American Made Campaign.

In addition to circulating your dollars within your local community, your support for local businesses also helps in the following ways:

  1. Local residents will remain employed.
  2. Local delivery and marketing services are utilized.
  3. Local, as well as federal and state, taxes are collected through the payroll and business tax system and used to support local, state and federal government services
  4. As more customers shop locally and seek out American made products, they help American based manufacturing facilities remain open and expand manufacturing in the U.S.A.

As you and I and more Americans seek out and direct their purchasing power to support American Made products and local businesses FIRST, we see jobs for Americans being saved and more job opportunities possible.

This is Michael Blichasz. Help us promote:, the First Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month and send me your suggestion from the email link located on the front page of I invite you to listen to live programs or rebroadcasts of American Workers Radio from the front page of