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Commentary from Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time To End the More Than 30 Year Trend!

Every week I hear from people with a dozen and one suggestions on how to make more jobs available for Americans. Respondents raise issues like trade deficits, import tariff structures and other ways to end the more than 30 year trend of jobs being outsourced around the world. Every issue is important, but I feel we must pay special attention to the jobs still in existence in the U.S.A. Focusing on supporting already existing jobs will help maintain and expand the jobs we have and attract new companies to reopen some of the empty manufacturing facilities that are visible across America. This will restore employment opportunities and give new life to local communities.

We have heard many times that jobs were outsourced for cheaper labor or because Americans are unwilling to do certain jobs. In order for America’s job base to move forward and help positive change come about, I’m suggesting that private sector businesses announce their plans to expand jobs in the U.S.A. Next we ask government officials to publicly make known the types of tax incentives they will offer new and expanding U.S. companies who will be employing American workers to manufacture items from A to Z, that are used regularly by the American people. Then it will be our obligation to continue to urge the American people to purchase the items produced by American workers so the process for success can continue and we see more American made products everywhere we shop.

The efforts of Buy American advocates are having positive results. People are speaking up where they shop. Businesses are hearing your concerns, and there is an effort in some stores to feature more American made products.

At this point JOBS for AMERICANS are on the must accomplish list of business and political leaders, as well as America’s workforce. Only with your purchasing power can positive changes continue, so help the cause by looking for, asking for and buying American made products FIRST.

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