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Commentary from Saturday, April 21, 2012

High Energy Prices Means Less Jobs!

High gas prices continue to hurt the ability of America's businesses to restore the industries we so badly need and get people back to work. High taxes, high energy costs and growing regulations have made it impossible for businesses to pay employees and operate at a profit, therefore, many businesses chose to outsource manufacturing in order to keep their products on store shelves. However, as national elected officials saw American jobs being lost to outsourcing, they should have brought business leaders together immediately and decided how best to maintain and restore jobs in the U.S.A. It is always easy to blame others for our poor economy, but the American people should have been asking loud and clear, "Who is accountable for the rising costs of gas, the loss of jobs, a flat economy, but most of all, what are national leaders doing to resolve our crisis".

When I discuss the need to reduce gas prices with national elected leaders, they point out that America is a free market economy where gas prices rise or fall at the pump with little input from elected officials. That is partially true, but real leadership requires real solutions, so I suggest raising taxes on foreign gas and reducing taxes on companies that drill for gas on America's shores. Additionally, I suggest that it be mandated that all gas drilled in the U.S.A. be sold and used exclusively in the U.S.A. for the benefit of the American people.

The objective of American Workers Need You and American Workers Radio is to support America's economy and American jobs, and work toward America being energy self-sufficient as it was 40 years ago. Once imported products and high energy costs overpowered our ability to manufacture competitive products in the U.S.A., the imbalance should have been addressed immediately so employment opportunities for the American people would not decline.

It may be time to promote a SPECIAL ENERGY COUNCIL with representatives from every state to find ways to reduce energy costs. These would be volunteer members of the news media and energy related businesses that could discuss ways to reduce energy costs and report what they find is holding America back from becoming energy self-sufficient again.

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