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Commentary from Saturday, April 20, 2024

Positive Change in the Way Americans Think!

The responses to the Buy American Made Campaign continue to grow, and reflect a POSITIVE change in the way Americans are thinking and acting.  It is good to see more people motivated to restore jobs that will create a reasonable balance between foreign and American made products.

When we receive responses from supporters of the Buy American Made Campaign, they offer ideas to unite our fellow Americans and increase jobs for their family, friends and fellow Americans. People clearly see that it is NOT the government's role to create jobs, but to encourage private sector businesses to create jobs that will employ the American people and in the process generate the taxes to maintain local, state and federal government services.

As we continue to unite our efforts, everyone agrees that America's WORKERS and CONSUMERS are the same people and that by supporting one another all Americans benefit in the long-run. As you are out shopping be sure to look at the all labels to see if your purchases are benefiting American workers or simply the stores selling foreign made products.

By looking at labels, our supporters see exactly where products are made and see how important it is to support products made and assembled in the United States of America.

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