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Commentary from Saturday, April 1, 2023

Inflation Has Taken a Toll on America's Consumers!

No matter how you look at it, rising INFLATION without the IMMEDIATE ACTION by America’s leaders to stop it has hurt America’s families, America’s businesses, America’s economy and our future. As the Buy American Made Campaign has promoted for many years, it is URGENT for America’s leaders and all Americans to focus on FIXING the Problems we are experiencing here in the United States, because after 35 years of looking the other way, America has a lot of difficulties.

Inflation is providing another reason for businesses to continue manufacturing outside of the United States to save on the cost of operating a business in America. As we look at labels of the products in America’s stores, we see what a good job foreign merchandisers and investors have done moving industries out of the United States and creating jobs for foreign workers. Each of us has seen it happening for years, and we depended on America’s national leaders to take action to make America a better place to do businesses. However, that hasn’t happened for over 35 years.

Now that spring is here, help us encourage more businesses to make their products in America with a Made in America label. Promoting the American made label remains a very important way for us to encourage industries to grow in America as we work to help restore the American Dream and make more things here in the United States.

As we have been promoting for the last 11 years, the FIRST complete weekend of EVERY Month is “National Small Business Weekend.”

On Friday, April 7th, Saturday, April 8th and Sunday, April 9th, we mark the April 2023 edition of “National Small Business Weekend”. Your support for your local businesses throughout the year remains an important way to help local businesses and keep people employed. For more information and a link for a poster visit:

Thanks for your participation. Kindly spread the word.

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