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Commentary from Saturday, April 18, 2015

Help Make Positive Changes Continue!

As more jobs become available in America, it’s time to look at the types of jobs being offered. New workers are being hired to replace those retiring and new jobs are becoming available as the economy improves. Every new job is important but we particularly need to focus on jobs that will help restore both manufacturing and a growing number of products with made in America labels.

After years of watching jobs relocate overseas the American people are united behind efforts to expand a growing made in America economy. For over 30 years national and local leaders and school boards did not acknowledge the importance of upgrading job skill classes in our schools needed to keep America’s industries both operational and growing. As America’s population grew, we heard about the projected shortage of traditional skilled workers, but very little was done to address the problem. For 30 years instead of increasing the Trades and Industrial Arts classes, junior and senior high schools cut back on Vocational Education Programs and now the average age of skilled craftsmen in America is between 55 and 65 years of age. That means we’re in a growing skilled workers crisis as thousands of skilled workers retire every year.

As America's taxpayers, it’s up to us to make sure America’s elected leaders and local school boards know that our students must be exposed to all levels of future job possibilities during their junior and high school years.

At this time, school boards are meeting to discuss budgets and what classes will be offered during the next two years. Now is the time for taxpayers to call or write to their elected officials to promote the expansion of the Trades and Industrial Arts Programs. America’s businesses need more graduates with some level of hands-on career-related experiences that will make them more employable as more jobs are created in America.

To assist you in contacting your federal, state and local elected officials, click on the Contact Your Elected Officials Link below.

Thanks for spreading the word. America’s students and workers need us to help restore jobs and job skills in the U.S.A.

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