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Commentary from Saturday, April 17, 2021

Let's Stay Focused on American Workers!

Since tens-of-millions of America’s consumers were helping promote the Buy American Made Campaign, we were seeing many positive changes in America’s economy. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down our efforts because of the closure of businesses all over the United States, which led to a major rise in unemployment. However, with a return to some level of normalcy, everyone is urged to remain focused on supporting American workers and the businesses that employ them.

As our supporters know, maintaining our goal has not been very easy because so much of what is sold in America is now foreign made.

Additionally, during the last 35 years, we watched large portions of America’s manufacturing base relocate outside of America to escape the cost of operating a business in the United States. We saw trade agreements enacted that took more jobs out of America than were created for American workers. We saw school districts across America downsize or eliminate the trades and industrial arts programs that teach the skills needed by every sector of America’s businesses.

The loss of jobs, job skills and income for Americans has caused many difficulties in every community in the United States. Together we must remain united to change our future and work toward no less than a 50-50 balance of everything sold in America once again Made in the United States.

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