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Commentary from Saturday, April 14, 2018

Innovation, Technology, Skilled Workers & Customers!

For several years we have been urging Americans to unite in support of American workers, small and large businesses, non-union and union, and the self-employed as well as the Buy American Made Campaign, which promotes Innovation, Technology, Skilled Workers & Customers. Our campaign continues to gain momentum, but, as we can all see, we have a long way to go to restore the industries and jobs needed in the United States of America which will allow more working-age and able-bodied Americans to have the stability they need.

Here are a few points for you to consider:

Innovation: For more than two centuries tens-of-thousands of products were invented and manufactured in America. Today, we are urging America’s private sector businesses to restore industries in the United States to meet the growing demand for items with the Made in America label, so you’re asked to purchase American made label so those businesses can keep Americans employed.
Technology: There is no reason why Americans can’t produce competitive products of every type, which will help restore America’s industries and many jobs.
Skilled Workers: Businesses are always looking for skilled workers so it’s important that business owners inform the American people about the skills that industries need TODAY and in the FUTURE. America’s parents and school boards can then focus on graduating a workforce ready to help America’s businesses to thrive.
Customers: Businesses manufacturing in America need customers to seek out products made and assembled by AMERICAN WORKERS. Every business needs customers so your words at the cash register and your spending habits let business owners know what their customers are thinking and on what items they are spending their dollars on. As more items with Made in America label are in circulation it has been helping American workers and America’s economy.

Thanks for your participation. For more information on ways to help promote the Buy American Made Campaign to others, visit the links on:

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