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Commentary from Saturday, April 14, 2012

Support Our Efforts To Rebuild America!

As you look around and look at labels you see for yourself that for many years the American people were purchasing products that helped build industries overseas at the expense of America's workforce and America's economy.

As the American Workers Need You Campaign moves forward, a growing number of Americans are committed to seeking out American made products and directing their purchasing power toward these products. This effort will be the key to our success because every time you buy an American made product, you are helping keep Americans employed! Also, by shopping for American made products locally, we help to employ the people manufacturing the items as well the sales and service people where we shop.

Our National Small Business Weekend campaign reminds shoppers that small and medium-size businesses are important to local economies and remain the backbone of America's industries and the largest employer of Americans. Some people informed me they have decided to shop locally more often and are inviting others to do the same. When you go shopping, take a good look at what is available, read the labels, and before you make your final purchase, consider how you can help more American workers remain employed, earn a living, access medical insurance, pay taxes and contribute to the well-being of America's economy.

The current recession reminds us that in order for us to restore America's economy we have to rebuild America's industries, infrastructure, and be the most skilled and cost-effective workforce in the world. We saw what sitting back and doing nothing has done, so joining forces in support of American workers and America's economy is our road map to success we can depend on.

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