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Commentary from Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Combined National Jobs Report is Needed!

Each month the news media outlines some basic information from the U.S. Monthly Jobs Report. However, how well do we understand what is listed in the report and how does that report help people in need of a job right now.

A few months ago I encouraged United States Department of Labor to provide a combined one page “MONTHLY JOBS” report so Americans know where we are right now and where we need be. Since Government agencies are already collecting monthly data on jobs and business growth, I don't understand why they continue to tell me it would be difficult for the U.S. Department of Labor to post a ONE PAGE MONTHLY REPORT on their Internet site with the following information:

1. Total people in U.S. workforce this month: ___________
2. Total full-time jobs: ___________
3. Total part-time jobs: ___________
4. Total jobs added this month: ___________
5. Total jobs lost this month: ___________
6. Total workers that retired this month: ___________
7. Total jobs generated to replace retired workers: ___________
8. Total Americans applying for unemployment benefits this month: ___________

With this information documented each month we would all have a better knowledge of America's employment base and where improvement is needed. As we support 2014 as “The Year of American Made," a single page monthly report would be beneficial and I would welcome the opportunity to post this monthly report on my Internet site.

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